Campeche attractions

Top Choice Museum in Campeche

Museo Arqueológico de Campeche & Fuerte de San Miguel

Campeche’s largest colonial fort, facing the Gulf of Mexico some 4km southwest of the city center, is now home to the most important of Maya museums, the excellent Museo Arqueológico de Campeche, the city's one must…
Plaza in Campeche

Plaza Principal

Shaded by carob trees and ringed by tiled benches and broad footpaths radiating from a belle epoque kiosk, Campeche’s appealingly modest central square started life in 1531 as a military camp. Over the years it beca…
Waterfront in Campeche


A popular path for joggers, cyclists, strolling friends and cooing sweethearts, the malecón, Campeche’s 7km-long waterfront promenade, makes for a breezy sunrise ramble or sunset bike ride.
Historic Building in Campeche

Baluarte de San Pedro

Directly behind Iglesia de San Juan de Dios, the Baluarte de San Pedro served a post-piracy defensive function when it repelled a punitive raid from Mérida in 1824. Carved in stone above the entry is the symbol of S…
Historic Building in Campeche

Ex-Templo de San José & Bazar Artesanal

Faced with blue-and-yellow tiles, the Ex-Templo de San José is a wonder; note the lighthouse, complete with weather vane, atop the right spire. Built in the early 18th century by Jesuits who ran it as an institute o…
Museum in Campeche

Museo de la Arquitectura Maya

The Baluarte de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, designed to protect the Puerta del Mar, contains the fascinating Museo de la Arquitectura Maya. It provides an excellent overview of the sites around Campeche state and …
Cathedral in Campeche

Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción

Dominating Plaza Principal’s east side is the two-towered cathedral. The limestone structure has stood on this spot for more than three centuries and it still fills beyond capacity most Sundays for mass. Statues of …
Historic Building in Campeche

Baluarte de San Francisco & Baluarte de San Juan

Once the primary defensive bastion for the adjacent Puerta de la Tierra, the Baluarte de San Francisco houses a pirate exhibition in both English and Spanish. You also enter here, to walk along the Baluarte de San J…
Cultural Center in Campeche

Centro Cultural Casa Número 6

During the prerevolutionary era, when this mansion was occupied by an upper-class campechano family, Número 6 was a prestigious plaza address. Wandering the premises, you’ll get an idea of how the city’s high socie…
Historic Building in Campeche

Mansión Carvajal

Once the mansion of wealthy landowner Fernando Carvajal, this beautiful building now houses state offices. Visitors are welcome to take a peek inside, however. Black-and-white tiled floors, Doric columns, elaborate …