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Campeche City and Becal Town Full-Day Tour from Merida

Discover the folklore and history of Campeche on a trip through the village of Becal, famous for production of popular Panama hats and the historic area of Campeche, once scenario of glorious battles. Your tour includes transport and a professional guide.
10 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Refreshing and Cultural Campeche

Campeche city is just a 2 hour drive. This is a beautiful colonial city with streets for pedestrians. Many art galleries, museums and delicious food.The Petenes Biosphere Reserve is doing strong effort to develop environmental awareness
8 hours
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Becal & Campeche from Mérida, Yucatán

(minimun 3 people are required to booking)The name of BÉCAL is possibly the Castilianization of the Mayan word BEL-KAH, that is to say "Path that leads to the people". However, there is another version that defends the origin of Bécal from the word BEL-HA, which in Spanish means "Way of water", since according to comments from the old settlers, there was a stream of water that crossed the center of the town, -in what is currently the subsoil of the Municipal Palace-, being stored in a small cenote.As time went on, the water mantle was reduced until it completely disappeared, then, the name of the village becomes BEL-CAN, "Camino de culebras".When the Spaniards arrived in these Mayan lands, they changed the phonetic and prosodic sense of many populations, which is why BEL-CAN is transformed into Bécal, the name by which it is known today.
8 hours
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Experience Becal

The magical and artisanal town of Becal in the estate of campeche is a beauty, it has those construccions taht give us and idea of the way the mayans lived, our experience begins in the place where you do not indicate what will happen to you to you, and from there we will take you to 1.15 hrs. From Mérida to the border with the state of Campeche, that´s where becal is waithing for us. Upon arrival we will be visiting an open- air museum where a group of enthusiastic guides tell us how the flora helped and gave rise to various mayan beliefs, the botanical garden will also be guided by a certified person and wil explain in several languages the benefits of the plants that the mayans used.
7 hours
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Visit and discover this magnificent place, know its history. Uxmal is one of the best archeological zones in Mexico, you can´t miss this amazing travel, you will get astonished.
10 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours


Artisan, Gastronomic and Archaeological Tour. Guided tour of the main attractions of the Camino Real or Artisan Route. We will see the fabric of hats in caves, an archaeological area barely in rescue, and will have the possibility to taste the traditional bread made in Pomuch stone ovens.
7 hours
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Cenote Zazil Tunich Admission Ticket

Enjoy a guided tour through the 9 levels of the Mayan underworld with an explanation of the Mayan mythology. To continue and marvel at the amazing cenote, where you can swim. And finally, you can not leave without enjoying the Mayan ceremony, a spiritual experience.
138 minutes
Tours & Sightseeing

Costa Maya Adventure Kohunlich and Becan Arqueological Sites

Have a wonderful time on this day trip from Costa Maya (Mahahual or Bacalar Magical Town)  as you head to visit the ruins of Kohunlich and Becan. You'll be able to tour the site, learn some history and enjoy the scenery including great flora and fauna around the Jungle.
13 hours
Shore Excursions

Sunrise Experiencie Standup paddleboarding Tour in Laguna Bacalar

Enjoy a natural different adventure at Bacalar Lagoon. Start the day with a fun, relaxing and memorable experience. Paddle across the lagoon, see the sunrise, swim in a natural sinkhole and more.
3 hours