Arts & Crafts in Campeche

Casa de Artesanías Tukulná

A central shop selling a lovely and high-quality range of textiles, clothing, hats, hammocks, wood chairs, sweets and so on – all made in Campeche state.
Arts & Crafts in Campeche

Bazar Artesanal

The state-run Folk Art Bazaar, down by the malecón near the Centro de Convenciones Campeche XXI, offers one-stop shopping for regional crafts. One section of the market is reserved for demonstrations of traditional …
Arts & Crafts in Bécal

Artesania Becaleña

Given the number of people who make hats, it seems a bit unfair to single out just one. But to get you started on your head-dressing escapade, head half-block from the plaza, on the road into town, to Artesania Beca…