People come from all around southern Baja to dive or snorkel at Cabo Pulmo. Highlights include the coral reef and sandy-bottom El Bajo, where a large school of bigeye jacks regularly school into a giant, astonishing ball.

Snorkelers should head for the beach at Los Arbolitos (entry fee M$40 per person) 5km south of Cabo Pulmo, then follow the shoreline hiking trail to Las Sirenitas, where wind and wave erosion has made the rocks look like melting wax sculptures. Eerie and beautiful, they’re accessible by boat as well.

Offshore snorkeling and diving trips can be booked via several companies that operate out of kiosks down by the water. Our favorite is Cabo Pulmo Divers, run by the Castro family who were key in creating the national park and continue to be the biggest champions in protecting it.