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Campeche City and Becal Town Full-Day Tour from Merida

Discover the folklore and history of Campeche on a trip through the village of Becal, famous for production of popular Panama hats and the historic area of Campeche, once scenario of glorious battles. Your tour includes transport and a professional guide.
10 hours
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Becal & Campeche from Mérida, Yucatán

(minimun 3 people are required to booking)The name of BÉCAL is possibly the Castilianization of the Mayan word BEL-KAH, that is to say "Path that leads to the people". However, there is another version that defends the origin of Bécal from the word BEL-HA, which in Spanish means "Way of water", since according to comments from the old settlers, there was a stream of water that crossed the center of the town, -in what is currently the subsoil of the Municipal Palace-, being stored in a small cenote.As time went on, the water mantle was reduced until it completely disappeared, then, the name of the village becomes BEL-CAN, "Camino de culebras".When the Spaniards arrived in these Mayan lands, they changed the phonetic and prosodic sense of many populations, which is why BEL-CAN is transformed into Bécal, the name by which it is known today.
8 hours