Market in Tijuana

Mercado El Popo

El Popo is the most colorful downtown market, with stacks of fresh cheeses, sweets, wooden spoons, piles of dried chilies, kitchenware, herbs, incense, santeria, candles, love soaps, stacks of bundled cinnamon stick…
Drinks in Ensenada

Tequila Room

The Irish-Mexican owner is passionate about tequila, but you won't find any of the more commercial brands here; these are sourced from all over Mexico. Even if you don't fancy a tipple (tastings are free), you can a…
Arts & Crafts in Todos Santos

Faces of Mexico

Duck into the warren of dark rooms here to discover an extraordinary collection of masks, sculpture, ethnic art, antique baubles and plenty of somber Día de Muertos beaded and painted decorative skulls. This is not …
Arts & Crafts in Los Barriles

Plum Loco

The US owner, Paul, imports crafts from all over Mexico, as well as further afield. He also has free books and coffee for browsers and, as an amiable long-term resident, is a great source of information.
Market in Tijuana

Mecado Hidalgo

Tijuana's most well-known market is also one of the biggest and most visited by tourists. It's still a great place to peruse everything from exotic fruits to fresh pastries and colorful piñatas.
Arts & Crafts in San José del Cabo

La Sacristia

This multigallery space showcases art and crafts from throughout Mexico. Don't miss the rainbow-colored beaded animal sculptures made by the mainland Mexican Huichol people.
Books in Loreto

Baja Books

Probably the most comprehensive collection of books on Baja in the region, plus maps, art materials, pottery and a bottomless coffee pot for browsers.
Silver in Loreto

Silver Desert

Sells good-quality Taxco sterling-silver jewelry. There’s a second outlet at Magdalena de Kino 4.
Silver in Loreto

Silver Desert

One of two branches of this superb jewelry shop which specialises in quality silver pieces and contemporary, as well as classic, designs.
Ceramics in San José del Cabo


One of the longest-established ceramic stores in town, Necri also sells pewter pieces, original Talavera jewelry and mainland crafts.