Dangers & Annoyances

The US State Department has issued travel warnings as gang violence, particularly in San José del Cabo and La Paz, skyrockets; the two cities have become two of the top cities for murders per capita in Mexico. These murders have been almost entirely within the drug cartels, and in the main tourist areas you'd hardly realize that violence is going on in the fringes. Border towns such as Tijuana have also received awful press due to drug-trade-related killings. It's important to know that, so far, tourists have not been targeted. Basic caution, common sense and awareness, such as staying clear of dodgy areas and not driving at night, is imperative. Keeping valuables (including surfboards) out of sight and doors locked will minimize risk of theft, which, at present, is still your greatest worry.

Sanitation standards in Baja are higher than in other states, and water – even tap water – is usually safe to drink.