Surf’s Up

Baja is a prime surfer’s paradise with swells coming in off the Pacific that, even on bad days, are challenging and fun. Boards can be rented from surf shops (rental costs around M$250), but use extreme care at all times, as rips, undertow and behemoth waves are dangerous even for experienced surfers. If you’re looking for good breaks, check out the following:

  • Costa Azul Needs southerly swell, but this intermediate break is a whole lot of fun and it’s close to either of the Cabos.
  • Los Cerritos Beautiful sand, good waves, and a mellow vibe – this is a great beginner beach with a powerful Pacific swell…and eagle rays below.
  • San Miguel Rocky point break that offers awesome rides when the waves are big. Isla de Todos Santos is another option for the serious.

For more info on surfing, check out the no-nonsense Surfer’s Guide to Baja by Mike Parise. For surf lessons, contact Mario Surf School.