Diving & Snorkeling

You can rent snorkeling gear, including life jacket and fins, at Santa Cruz harbor for M$130 a day if you're taking a boat trip from there. Renters at one or two beaches have lower rates. The best snorkeling sites include the coral plates at La Entrega, San Agustín and the inshore side of the island at Cacaluta. You can either hire a lancha (motorboat) from Santa Cruz to take you to snorkel sites or take a snorkeling tour with one of Huatulco's diving outfits.

The Huatulco coast has over 100 dive sites, 40 of them marked by buoys. There’s a good variety of fish and corals, plus dolphins, turtles and (from about December to March) humpback whales. This is a good place to learn to dive, with warm waters, varied underwater scenery, and calm conditions almost year-round. Visibility averages 10m to 20m. There’s a decompression chamber in the local navy hospital.