Museum in Bahía de Kino

Museo de los Seris

This small but well-curated museum displays an interesting collection of artifacts and handicrafts and panels about Seri culture and history, though signage is in Spanish only.
Information in Bahía de Kino

Centro de Estudios Culturales y Ecológicos

Indigenous Culture in Bahía de Kino

Punta Chueca

This village is home to the Seri people, one of Mexico's smallest indigenous groups (less than 1000 people). The Seri are famous for their handicrafts, including their highly regarded baskets and carvings from ironw…
Island in Bahía de Kino

Isla del Tiburón

Mountainous Isla del Tiburón, Mexico's largest island, was once a Seri homeland, but it was depopulated when the island was declared a nature reserve in 1963. Today it's administered by the Seri tribal authorities. …