Top Choice Feria in Huamantla

Feria Huamantla

For two weeks in August, this festival features parades of cyclists, candlelight, and locals blanketing the town’s streets with elaborate carpets of flowers and colored sawdust, plus a night known as La Noche Que Na…
Top Choice Cultural in Puebla

Día de Muertos

Puebla has jumped on the bandwagon, with a fortnight-long citywide cultural program starting in late October devoted to the Day of the Dead and including nighttime museum visits and viewings of ofrendas (altars).
Top Choice Art in Huamantla

Sábados Mágicos

If you can't make it to the annual Feria Huamantla, you can get a taster every 'Magic Saturday' on the third Saturday of every month when an alleyway next to the Presidencia Municipio gets blanketed in colored aserr…
Top Choice Light Show in Teotihuacán

Experiencia Nocturna

A spectacular night event where colored lights and video are projected onto the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon at Teotihuacán to a soundtrack. The 45-minute show may be slightly cheesy but it does give an impressive g…
Food & Drink in Puebla

Festival del Chile en Nogada

Leaving no culinary stone unturned, the city’s savvy restaurateurs promote the country’s ‘patriotic recipe,’ chiles en nogada – green chilies stuffed with picadillo (a mix of ground meat and fruit) and topped with a…
Food & Drink in Puebla

Festival del Mole Poblano

In early June the city celebrates its most famous contribution to the culinary arts: mole poblano, a thick sauce of chilies, fruits, nuts, spices and chocolate.
Religious in Tepoztlán

Fiesta del Templo

On September 7 an all-night celebration goes off on Tepozteco hill near the pyramid, with copious consumption of pulque in honor of Tepoztécatl. The following day is the Fiesta del Templo, a Catholic celebration fea…
Cultural in Cuetzalan

Feria del Café y del Huipil

For several lively days around October 4, Cuetzalan celebrates both its patron saint, St Francis of Assisi, and the start of the coffee harvest with the Festival of Coffee and Huipiles. It features hearty drinking, …
Parade in Puebla

Cinco de Mayo

The city’s May 5 celebrations mark the day in 1862 when the Mexican army defeated the French. There is a huge parade and celebrations over the following fortnight. Cinco de Mayo celebrations are generally a much big…
Religious in Tepotzotlán


Tepotzotlán’s highly regarded pastorelas are performed inside the former monastery in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Tickets, which include Christmas dinner and piñata smashing, can be purchased at La Hostería d…