This astonishing adventure park on the canyon rim between Arepo and Divisadero includes Mexico’s longest series of tirolesas (zip-lines), suspended over some of the world’s most profound canyon scenery. The park's seven lines take you from a height of 2400m to over halfway to the canyon floor and they include one single line that is an extraordinary 2.5km in length, the world's longest.

A couple of heart-in-mouth wobbly bridges help you to complete the cross-canyon odyssey. Safety standards are excellent: you're always accompanied by a team of experienced zip-liners and all participants are decked out in full safety gear. Allow at least two hours to descend to the spectacular viewpoint of Mesón de Bacajípare, as you have to travel in a group, meaning that there's some waiting time as each person takes each line. If zip-lining isn't your thing, you also can experience the park through a combo rappelling–rock climbing excursion (MS450) to the same viewpoint; allow at least 1½ hours to complete the journey.

The Mesón de Bacajípare viewpoint doubles as the lower station for the teleférico (cable car), which you will have to take back up; it's included in the zip-lining and rappelling–rock-climbing prices. If you aren't up for adventure sports but still want to see the spectacular views, you can head straight down from the canyon edge on the cable car (adult/child M$250/130;10 minutes each way, plus a 20-minute stop). Hiking (M$50 to M$200) and downhill mountain biking (M$400) also can be arranged with Tarahumara guides.

The main building houses the ticket office, a restaurant with amazing views plus a souvenir shop.

The nearest public transportation is at Arepo, an easy 1.5km walk away via a great canyon-lip-hugging trail. Divisidero is about 3km away, with equally impressive views along the way.