Top things to do

Waterfall in Ajijic

El Tépalo Waterfall

El Tépalo waterfall can be reached on foot from Ajijic. From the center follow Guerra and Encarnación Rosas north, then turn right on Callejón al Tépalo; an empty shed with a basic map posted marks the official star…
Argentine in Ajijic

Ajijic Tango

Ajijic’s most popular restaurant is never less than rammed with locals, resident expats and visitors, all here to enjoy the excellent steaks (it is an Argentinian restaurant after all). But there are other dishes to…
Cafe in Ajijic

Café Grano

This thoroughly pleasant local cafe is everything a good coffee bar should be, with fine aromas, Mexican beans, wooden chairs tailored in coffee sacking and excellent cakes (M$22 to M$45). Bright murals tell the cof…
Mexican in Ajijic

El Chile Verde

A world away from all the arty expat-style restaurants and cafes, this tiny lemon-and-lime-colored eatery serves up authentic and delicious home-cooked Mexican food that pulls in both locals and resident foreigners.…
Burgers in Ajijic

Merendero Lake

This self-styled 'gourmet burger' joint does grill a decent patty (M$89 to M$95) but there are also salads (M$70) and prawn dishes (M$125 to M$140) on offer. This is one of the more upbeat, 'younger' places in a sil…
Arts & Crafts in Ajijic

Diane Pearl Colecciones

This lovely shop stocks an extensive range of Mexican jewelry, ceramics, art and sculpture. They claim their selection of catrina dolls (grizzly-looking skeletal figures in fashionable attire) is the largest in Mexi…
Bar in Ajijic

Just Chillin'

Belly up to this fine knotted-wood bar to sip beer, watch a ball game or chat with quirky resident expats. It’s American-owned and serves a damn good burger.
International in Ajijic


If you're looking for a break from Mexican food, head for Manix, which serves up American-style barbecue, chicken and steak, with pasta and pizza thrown in for good measure. There's live music from 7pm to 9pm on Tue…
Cafe in Ajijic

Cafe Black & White

This cafe on Ajijic's main square is gringo central – don't come here to practice your Spanish! It does serve a decent cup of java (from M$23) and it's a good place for some inside information and gossip.