Top Choice Museum in Aguascalientes

Museo Nacional de la Muerte

This is one 'near death' experience not to be missed. The Museo Nacional de la Muerte exhibits all things relating to Mexico's favorite subject – death – from the skeleton La Catrina to historic artifacts. The conte…
Museum in Aguascalientes

Museo José Guadalupe Posada

Aguascalientes native Posada (1852−1913) was in many ways the founder of modern Mexican art. His engravings and satirical cartoons broadened the audience for art in Mexico, highlighted social problems and were a cat…
Historic Building in Aguascalientes

Palacio de Gobierno

On the south side of Plaza de la Patria, the red-and-pink stone Palacio de Gobierno is Aguascalientes' most noteworthy colonial building. Once the mansion of colonial baron Marqués de Guadalupe, it dates from 1665 a…
Museum in Aguascalientes

Museo Regional de Historia

This history museum was designed by Refugio Reyes as a family home and features a small chapel. Its exhibits run all the way from the big bang to the colonial conquest. It also has a beautiful chapel with ex voto pa…
Museum in Aguascalientes

Museo de Aguascalientes

Housed in a handsome neoclassical building, this museum houses a permanent collection of work by the brilliant Aguascalientes artist Saturnino Herrán (1887−1918), and there are also temporary exhibitions. His works …
Church in Aguascalientes

Templo del Encino

Located beside the Posada museum, this church contains a black statue of Jesus that some believe is growing. When it reaches an adjacent column, a worldwide calamity is anticipated. The huge Way of the Cross murals …
Church in Aguascalientes

Templo de San Antonio

A crazy quilt of architectural styles built around 1900 by self-taught architect Refugio Reyes. San Antonio's interior is highly ornate, with huge round paintings and intricate decoration highlighted in gold.
Museum in Aguascalientes

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

A small, modern museum displaying the work of Enrique Guzmán (1952−86) as well as temporary exhibitions; it is well worth visiting.
Plaza in Aguascalientes


Half a kilometer southwest of Plaza de la Patria via Avenida Carranza, Expoplaza is a modern shopping and restaurant-bar strip. On the mall's south side, the wide and soulless pedestrian promenade comes alive at nig…
Cathedral in Aguascalientes


The well-restored 18th-century baroque Cathedral, on the plaza's west side, is more magnificent inside than out. Over the altar at the east end of the south aisle is a painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe by Miguel C…