Mediterranean Europe is a dream destination for architecture buffs. Ancient temples stand alongside hulking Gothic churches, majestic mosques, baroque piazzas and avant-garde museums.

Pantheon Rome’s epic temple is a staggering achievement and the high point of ancient Roman engineering.

Cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris Paris’ most famous and most visited cathedral is a towering masterpiece of early Gothic architecture.

Blue Mosque Islamic style finds perfect form in the Blue Mosque, one of İstanbul’s most recognisable buildings.

St Peter’s Square The Vatican’s magnificent central piazza is a dazzling work of baroque urban design.

La Sagrada Família Barcelona’s work-in-progress church was designed by Antoni Gaudí, famous exponent of 20th-century Catalan modernism.

Museo Guggenheim Since it was opened in Bilbao in 1997, Frank Gehry’s striking museum has become a modern icon.