Top things to do in McMurdo Station

Research Center in McMurdo Station

Crary Science & Engineering Center

Symbolically numbered ‘Building 1,’ this center, usually called the ‘Crary Lab,’ is named for Albert P Crary, a geophysicist and glaciologist who was the first person to visit both the North and South Poles. The 432…
Notable Building in McMurdo Station

Building 155

Building 155 is McMurdo’s indoor Main St, and the long central corridor is known as Hwy 1. Along it are the dining facility (still known as the Galley from navy days), personnel offices, the recreation department, t…
Church in McMurdo Station

Chapel of the Snows

The white Chapel of the Snows, a 64-seat house of worship with a pretty, penguin-motif stained-glass window and an organ, is the third chapel raised at McMurdo (the first two were destroyed by fire). The Erebus Chal…