Top ChoiceLounge in La Gaulette


La Gaulette's coolest place to drink, this upstairs lounge bar has a 5pm to 6pm Happy Hour, as well as a long cocktail list. There's often live music on weekends.

Bar in Flic en Flac


KenziBar, a block or two back from the waterfront, is your best bet for nightlife in Flic en Flac, and one of few places where it's about more than just noise. There's tongue-tingling rhum arrangés (rum punch),...

Bar in Flic en Flac


Both lounge bar and nightclub, Shotz is about as glamorous as things get beyond the high walls of the upmarket resorts. Drink early with happy hour before midnight on weekends, then dance til nearly dawn. Not...

Bar in Flic en Flac

Twin's Garden

A sprawling collection of agreeable outdoor tables just across the road from the beach, Twin's has a decent restaurant but we like it more as a lounge bar. On weekends, there's sometimes a live séga (Creole...

Bar in Tamarin & Black River

Le Dix-Neuf

Hidden behind the walls of Tamarina's exclusive golfing grounds, this classy lodge-like venue, situated at the clubhouse, is a great place for a sundown snifter. Notice how the pentagonal window behind the...

Bar in Tamarin & Black River

Big Willy's

Perennially popular with the expat crowd, Big Willy's is the it spot for DJ-ed dance beats and rugby on TV. It's all good, clean fun.