Top ChoiceMauritian in Flic en Flac

Canne à Sucre

Now here's something special: an authentic slice of Mauritian life in the midst of touristy Flic en Flac. May has converted her roadside bar-restaurant into a cosy space that captures the essence of coastal...

Top ChoiceCreole in Flic en Flac

Creole Shack

Set just back from the beach so that passers-by don't even know it's there, this wood-lined place does authentic Creole cooking like coconut prawns, traditional Mauritian curries and rougaílles (tomato-based...

Top ChoiceChinese in Flic en Flac

Domaine Anna

You'll need a taxi or rental car to get here, but you'll be glad you made the trip: this is Flic en Flac's most refined dining experience, set in colonial-style pavilions. The predominantly Chinese menu is the...

Top ChoiceIndian in Flic en Flac

Roti Aka Vinoda

It's all very simple here - rotis or farata (Indian flatbreads) filled with whatever you like – fish, beef, chicken etc. The quality puts many Indian restaurants to shame and, not surprisingly, queues form early...

Mauritian in Flic en Flac

Paul & Virginie

With lovely thatched platforms extending over swimming pools and towards the ocean, Paul & Virginie makes for a romantic meal. The food – grilled fish, palm-heart salads, curries and seafood in many guises –...

Bar in Flic en Flac


KenziBar, a block or two back from the waterfront, is your best bet for nightlife in Flic en Flac, and one of few places where it's about more than just noise. There's tongue-tingling rhum arrangés (rum punch),...

Indian in Flic en Flac

Zub Express

Indian-Chinese fusion cooking sounds rather fancy, but the reality is far simpler, featuring dishes like excellent biryanis and noodle dishes alongside more creative dishes such as lobster butter masala. Throw in...

Zoo in Flic en Flac

Casela World of Adventures

Casela World of Adventures

When you arrive at this 14-hectare nature park, you're greeted with a bewildering range of options – in addition to being a zoo (with big cats, rhinos, giraffes and other African mammals), the beautifully...

Chinese in Flic en Flac


We're not sure how great a compliment it is to say that Ah-Youn's best features are its swift service and generous portions, but it's true. Don't worry, though: the food is perfectly palatable and it's a much...

International in Flic en Flac

The Beach Shack

We thought this place wouldn't last, with its faddish designer seating and lounge-bar atmosphere. The reason it has is that it's classier than other places along the coastal strip, and the menu has some fab...

Burgers in Flic en Flac

Jeanno Burger

The pick of the food vans just back from the beach (the places selling fresh pineapple give it a run for its money), Jeanno's serves up good burgers, paninis, hot dogs and sandwiches to a long line of devotees....

Mauritian in Flic en Flac


It's well worth planning your visit to Casela around lunchtime to grab a bite at the on-site restaurant. This charming open-air cafe has photogenic views of the sea and western plains, and serves a variety of...

Bar in Flic en Flac


Both lounge bar and nightclub, Shotz is about as glamorous as things get beyond the high walls of the upmarket resorts. Drink early with happy hour before midnight on weekends, then dance til nearly dawn. Not...

Mauritian in Flic en Flac

Restaurant Carrí Massalé

The roadside setting isn't Flic en Flac's finest, but this place does good local specialties which are much needed in this catch-all town. Curries, rougaílles (a tomato-based dish not unlike ratatouille) and...

Italian in Flic en Flac

Chez Pepe

Chez Pepe is a lively spot serving up Italian favourites like pizza, seafood spaghetti and rustic Tuscan meats, as well as local specialities like smoked-marlin salad. It won't be a particularly memorable meal,...

Bar in Flic en Flac

Twin's Garden

A sprawling collection of agreeable outdoor tables just across the road from the beach, Twin's has a decent restaurant but we like it more as a lounge bar. On weekends, there's sometimes a live séga (Creole...

Mauritian in Flic en Flac

Le Bougainville

Mauritian dishes, seafood, Chinese, the occasional Indian inflection – Le Bougainville is your typical roadside Flic en Flac restaurant, with unimaginative but solid cooking. It's handy if you don't want to stray...

Gallery in Flic en Flac

Bolom Ng Metal Art Gallery

Once a hotel, now an eclectic gallery of sculptures shaped in wrought iron and tile mosaics, this place is a fun place to pass half an hour.

Chinese in Flic en Flac

Ocean Restaurant

Set in slightly more formal surrounds than we're accustomed to in Flic en Flac, this elegant place serves decent Chinese dishes.