Top Choice Beach in Tamarin & Rivière Noire

Tamarin Beach

Locals like to wax nostalgic about Tamarin Beach and its surfing heyday, and in many ways this sandy cove still feels like a throwback to earlier times – especially since the centrally located Tamarin Hotel looks as…
Top Choice Museum in Chamarel

Rhumerie de Chamarel

Set among the vast hillside plantations of Chamarel, the rhumerie is a working distillery that doubles as a museum showcasing the rum-making process. The pet project of the Beachcomber hotel tycoon, the factory open…
Top Choice Museum in Chamarel

Curious Corner of Chamarel

This eclectic place is utterly unlike anywhere else on the island. Essentially an interactive gallery of illusions and art, it has a 200-mirror maze, a laser room and plenty of other attractions that play on your cu…
Zoo in Flic en Flac

Casela World of Adventures

When you arrive at this 14-hectare nature park, you're greeted with a bewildering range of options – in addition to being a zoo (with big cats, rhinos, giraffes and other African mammals), the beautifully landscaped…
Landmark in Chamarel

Terres de 7 Couleurs

For reasons that remain something of a mystery to us, the Chamarel Coloured Earths have become one of the sights on the island's usual tourist circuit. Most travellers find them quite underwhelming after a long jour…
National Park in The West

Black River Gorges National Park

A network of hiking trails crisscrosses the wild and empty Black River Gorges National Park. Unfortunately, they're not always well marked, so check the route and trail conditions at the information centres before s…
Waterfall in Chamarel

Chamarel Waterfall

About halfway (1.5km) between the Terres de 7 Couleur's entrance gate and the colourful sands is a scenic viewpoint over the Chamarel waterfall, which plunges more than 95m in a single drop. With a reservation, you …
Museum in Tamarin & Rivière Noire

World of Seashells

This oddly beguiling collection of over 8000 seashells in nearly 70 display cabinets is to be found in the Ruisseau Créole shopping complex. It's all the lifelong passion of Eric Le Court and most of the shells come…
Museum in Tamarin & Rivière Noire

Martello Tower

In the 1830s the British built five 'Martello' towers – copies of the tower at Mortella Point in Corsica (vowel order was apparently not a priority for the British) – to protect their young colony from predators (na…
Viewpoint in Black River Gorges National Park

Alexandra Falls Viewpoint

From the Alexandra Falls Viewpoint, you can admire the cloud forest of Mt Cocotte (771m) and the view down to the south coast.