The Southeast attractions

Top Choice Island in Pointe d'Esny & Blue Bay

Île aux Aigrettes

This popular ecotourism destination is a 26-hectare nature reserve on an island roughly 800m off the coast. It preserves very rare remnants of the coastal forests of Mauritius and provides a sanctuary for a range of…
Top Choice Museum in Mahébourg

National History Museum

This museum contains some fascinating artefacts, including early maps of the island and paintings of Mauritius' original fauna – including, of course, the dodo. There are also a few dodo bones in a glass case, along…
Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in The Southeast

Vallée de Ferney

Protecting a 400-year-old forest, this reserve is an important habitat for the Mauritius kestrel, one of the world's most endangered raptors, and a visit here is far and away your best chance of seeing one. Guides t…
Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Pointe d'Esny & Blue Bay

Blue Bay Marine Park

In an effort to protect the area's rich underwater forest of rare corals from encroaching development, the government has given Blue Bay 'marine park' status. Besides a mandate barring high-speed watercraft, though,…
Top Choice Market in Mahébourg

Monday Market

Don't miss the central foire de Mahébourg, near the waterfront. The initial focus was silks and other textiles, but these days you'll find a busy produce section, tacky bric-a-brac and steaming food stalls. It's the…
Island in Pointe d'Esny & Blue Bay

Île des Deux Cocos

Île des Deux Cocos sits at the edge of the azure lagoon and was once used by flamboyant British governor Sir Hesketh Bell to entertain guests. Today the Lux hotel group has maintained this hospitable tradition by of…
Museum in Mahébourg

Rault Biscuit Factory

In 1870 the Rault family started producing manioc biscuits at its little biscuit factory on the northern outskirts of Mahébourg, and the factory has changed hardly a jot since. The crispy square cookies are made alm…
Church in Mahébourg

Notre Dame des Anges

The butter-coloured tower of Notre Dame des Anges church dominates the Mahébourg skyline. The original church was built in 1849, but it has been restored several times over the years, most recently in 1938. Take a q…
Wildlife Reserve in Vieux Grand Port

Kestrel Valley

Primarily a hunting reserve for Javanese deer, scenic Kestrel Valley covers 950 hectares of forested mountain terrain that also acts as a reserve for numerous endemic bird species, including the Mauritius kestrel – …
Museum in Vieux Grand Port

Frederik Hendrik Museum

A few clay pipes, wine bottles and other items left behind by the town's Dutch and French occupants are on display in the Frederik Hendrik Museum. The museum also outlines the history of the Dutch in Mauritius.