Tamarin & Black River restaurants

Top Choice Mauritian in Tamarin & Black River

La Bonne Chute

Don't be dissuaded by its location adjacent to a petrol station; La Bonne Chute has been around since 1969 (!) and has built its reputation on expertly prepared dishes served in an attractive garden setting. From du…
Top Choice Cafe in Tamarin & Black River

Frenchie Café

One of the coolest places on the island, French-run Frenchie does quick bites and more substantial (but reasonably priced) mains, as well as breakfasts and an outstanding Sunday brunch (11am to 4pm). It's also a sty…
Top Choice Deli in Tamarin & Black River

Chez Philippe

Take-away-only Chez Philippe is a fabulous little deli serving up pre-prepared takeaway meals, such as salads, lasagne and creative interpretations of local dishes. There's also foie gras, cheeses and exceptional de…
Tapas in Tamarin & Black River

Hidden Garden

This very cool designer spot with a funky cocktail bar and poolside seating is one of the trendier eating experiences in the west. The tapas bar is open all day, but the restaurant mains are only available at lunch …
International in Tamarin & Black River

La Madrague

This place feels like a poolside restaurant at a posh resort, and essentially it is. The menu features standard international dishes (club sandwiches and lamb chops), but the real draw is the inviting infinity-edge …
Italian in Tamarin & Black River

La Cosa Nostra

Two things make this popular pizza joint famous: the whisper-thin crust (you'll swear that you're just eating toppings) and the turtle-speed service (you'll think the servers went back to Italy to fetch your slice).…
Italian in Tamarin & Black River

Al Dente

Well-prepared Italian dishes like homemade pasta and osso bucco are a virtual trip to the mother country. There are few nods to local ingredients, such as the smoked marlin carpaccio with palm-heart salad. The resta…
Crêpes in Tamarin & Black River

Crêperie Bretonne

The sweet and savoury crêpes, served in a prim, white-wood dining area, are a welcome (and rather tasty) alternative to curries and seafood platters.
Chinese in Tamarin & Black River

Pavillon de Jade

The proud owner of this no-frills Chinese joint above a faded supermarket refuses to sell his land to the hungry developers of the Balise Marina project. It's all about simple Chinese cooking here.
Supermarket in Tamarin & Black River

London Way

London Way looks a bit worn out, but it has the widest selection of items in Black River – ideal if you're in a self-catering apartment.