Mauritius in detail


The people of Mauritius have a well-deserved reputation for tolerance. That said, there are a few 'rules' of behaviour that you should abide by.

  • Clothing Although beachwear is fine for the beaches, you will cause offence and may invite pestering if you dress skimpily elsewhere. Nude bathing is forbidden.
  • Greetings Mauritians generally greet each other by shaking hands, or with a kiss on both cheeks for close friends and relatives. In most circumstances for visitors, a simple 'bonjour', 'hello' or 'namaste' will suffice.
  • Temples and mosques Miniskirts and singlet tops are no-nos, and it is normal to remove your shoes. Many temples and mosques also ask you not to take photos. Some Hindu temples request that you remove all leather items, such as belts. At mosques you may be required to cover your head, so remember to take along a scarf. Never touch a carving or statue of a deity.