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Le Gris Gris

Rosy's place is a simple affair with a motley assortment of wicker and plastic furniture. The food, however, never misses the mark – locals and tourists rave about the home-cooked Mauritian and Chinese dishes.
Landmark in Souillac

Le Souffleur

This half-formed grotto on the side of a cliff spouts a geyser-like fountain (up to 20m high!) when seas are rough. You'll need a bit of gumption (and a 4WD) to tackle this one, but it's well worth the adventure. To…
Waterfall in Souillac

Rochester Falls

Rochester Falls are by no means the country's most spectacular falls, but they're worth a detour if you're in the area. Follow the makeshift signs from the main road through Souillac – the route is rather circuitous…
Beach in Souillac

Gris Gris Beach

East of central Souillac, a grassy clifftop affords fine views of the black-rock coastline. A path leads down to the wild Gris Gris beach; a wooden sign warns of the dangers of swimming here. The term gris gris trad…
Mauritian in Souillac

Escale des Îles

Just across from the car park overlooking Gris Gris beach, Escale des Îles is set within a brightly coloured building and is popular with large groups. It lists its specialities as seafood, Mauritian, Chinese, Europ…
Landmark in Souillac

La Roche Qui Pleure

Right at the end of the headland after Gris Gris beach, 600m further on and well signposted, La Roche Qui Pleure resembles a crying man – you'll have to stand there puzzling it out for quite some time, and the waves…
Mauritian in Souillac

Le Batelage

Drop down off the main road at the western end of Souillac for a lovely waterside eating experience. The food (the usual mix of Mauritian staples and seafood) is a touch overpriced, but it's still worth it for the s…
Mauritian in Souillac

Le Rochester Restaurant

The charming Madame Appadu runs her restaurant in an old colonial building by the bridge to Surinam. A delightful mix of Creole, Indian and Chinese staples is served on a shady terrace situated atop a gushing ravine…
Museum in Souillac

Robert Edward Hart Museum

Robert Edward Hart (1891–1954) was a renowned Mauritian poet, apparently appreciated by both the French and the English, although we've yet to meet anyone who's heard of him. His house, La Nef, is an attractive cora…