The main bus station is in Port Mathurin. In addition to the airport bus, the most useful routes are those to Grand Baie and Pointe Coton in the east of the island, and to Gravier, Port Sud-Est and Rivière Cocos on the south coast. All apart from the Grand Baie buses pass through Mont Lubin in the centre of the island. Most buses operate every 30 to 60 minutes from about 7am to 4pm Monday to Saturday on most routes. The Sunday service is fairly sporadic. Expect to pay Rs 15 to Rs 40 depending on your destination.


The road system in Rodrigues has improved enormously in recent years and sealed roads now lead to most parts of the island. Though 4WD vehicles are no longer strictly necessary, most hire cars are still sturdy pick-ups.

Car rental can be arranged through most hotels and guesthouses and local tour operators, who will deliver all over the island. Expect to pay at least Rs 1200 per day; the price is usually the same whether you have a sedan or a pick-up. Most importantly, make sure you have sufficient petrol before setting off for the day – there are only three petrol stations on the island (in Port Mathurin and Mont Lubin and near the airport), although distances are small.

Three recommended rental agencies to contact in advance are:

Bicycle & Motorcycle

If your hotel or guesthouse doesn't offer bike or motorcycle rental, contact Rotourco or one of the other travel agencies in Port Mathurin. The going rate is around Rs 200 per day for a bike and Rs 600 to Rs 650 for a scooter. It costs Rs 350 to fill a scooter's petrol tank. Note that unless you're in it for the exercise, we recommend a scooter over a bicycle, as many of the interior roads can be discouragingly hilly.


Most taxis on Rodrigues are 4WD pick-ups. Expect to pay between Rs 500 and Rs 1000 depending on location. You can also hire taxis by the day for an island tour; expect to pay Rs 2000 to Rs 3000.