Tourist Information in Port Mathurin

Discovery Rodrigues

Sharing an office and staff with the tourist office, this body oversees visits to Île aux Cocos. Although it organises tours there, it does not organise boat trips over to the island.
Internet in Port Mathurin

Rodrigues Regional Library

Free, slow and password-free wi-fi can be accessed outside the Rodrigues Regional Library – it's a rare commodity on the island.
Tourist Information in Port Mathurin

Tourist Office

Small but helpful tourist office opposite La Résidence.
Post in Port Mathurin

Central Post Office

There are also tiny satellite offices in Mont Lubin, La Ferme and Grande Montagne.
Hospital in Rodrigues

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The island's main hospital is at Crève Coeur, immediately east of Port Mathurin.
Pharmacy in Port Mathurin

Port Mathurin Pharmacy

The only pharmacy on the island.
ATM in Rodrigues


At the police station.
Bank in Port Mathurin


Has an ATM.
Post in Rodrigues

Post Office

Post in Rodrigues

Post Office