Rodrigues in detail


Rodrigues is famous for its honey. You can also take home a very natty vacoas-leaf hat (worn by many locals) or basket. Jewellery and other items made from coconut shell by people with disabilities are available from Care-Co in Port Mathurin.

Rodrigues Honey

Honey produced on Rodrigues has long been the island's most beloved culinary export (after the octopus), but it took on a whole new dimension in the 1990s when a project was set up to train young Rodriguans with a disability to become apiarists.

Most bees here feed on eucalyptus trees and the honey has a lovely and light, almost balsamic taste and a golden or amber colour. And this is not just about charity: although the industry remains necessarily small-scale with fewer than 200 producers and an annual output of just 15 tonnes, honey from the island has twice won silver medals at the London National Honey Show.

There are numerous places to find Rodrigues honey on the island, including Miel Victoria as well as the Saturday market in Port Mathurin. A drive along the quiet southern coast road between Port Sud-Est and Petit Butte should also yield some roadside stalls selling locally produced honey.