Top things to do in Port Mathurin

Top Choice Market in Port Mathurin

Saturday Market

The Saturday market is as busy as Rodrigues gets and it's the best place on the island to shop for fresh produce and souvenirs. It's open the rest of the week but really gears up on Saturday, when much of the island…
Seafood in Port Mathurin

Le Marlin Bleu

The most sociable spot in Anse aux Anglais, this restaurant gets the thumbs up from expats and is dominated by larger-than-life Mega, the friendly owner who makes sure that everyone's having a good time. The food is…
Mauritian in Port Mathurin

La Varangues

Fresh local cooking at reasonable prices, veranda tables to catch the view out over Port Mathurin and the lagoon, and friendly owners who've recently taken over this prime patch of real estate make this an excellent…
Mauritian in Port Mathurin

Aux Deux Frères

Perched above a plaza of tour operators, Port Mathurin's slickest haunt serves local and international dishes in swish surrounds. The marlin fumé avec gingembre (smoked marlin with ginger) as a starter is small and …
Arts & Crafts in Port Mathurin


Care-Co sells coconut-shell items, honey and model boats made by people (mostly beekeepers) with disabilities.
Architecture in Port Mathurin

La Résidence

One of the oldest buildings still standing in Port Mathurin, La Résidence dates from 1897, when it provided a fairly modest home for the British chief commissioner. Its facilities are now used as function rooms for …
Books in Port Mathurin

Island Books & Clothing Spot

This small bookshop has a handful of books about Rodrigues and Mauritius, including (while stocks last) the French-language flora and fauna guide to Île aux Cocos. There's another shop at the airport that is suppose…
Church in Port Mathurin


One of numerous churches dotted around Port Mathurin.
Mosque in Port Mathurin


Modest downtown mosque painted green and white.
Church in Port Mathurin


This church is a local landmark.