Port Mathurin restaurants

Seafood in Port Mathurin

Le Marlin Bleu

The most sociable spot in Anse aux Anglais, this restaurant gets the thumbs up from expats and is dominated by larger-than-life Mega, the friendly owner who makes sure that everyone's having a good time. The food is…
Mauritian in Port Mathurin

La Varangues

Fresh local cooking at reasonable prices, veranda tables to catch the view out over Port Mathurin and the lagoon, and friendly owners who've recently taken over this prime patch of real estate make this an excellent…
Mauritian in Port Mathurin

Aux Deux Frères

Perched above a plaza of tour operators, Port Mathurin's slickest haunt serves local and international dishes in swish surrounds. The marlin fumé avec gingembre (smoked marlin with ginger) as a starter is small and …