Port Louis in detail

Getting Around


Given the number of traffic snarls, it's not worth trying to drive around Port Louis. Day trippers are advised to leave their car in one of the car parks at Le Caudan Waterfront, such as Marina Quay. These are open from 7am to 11pm and cost Rs 50 for the first four hours plus Rs 50 for each additional hour. The turn-off to Le Caudan is well signposted off the motorway.

Cars can be parked on the street for a maximum of two hours at a time; a marked parking coupon, available at any filling station and some smaller Chinese stores, must be displayed on the dashboard.


As a general rule, do not take a taxi around the gridlocked city centre during daylight hours – you'll quickly notice that the pedestrians are moving faster than the cars. After dark, expect to pay Rs 100 to Rs 200 for a short taxi ride across town. Always agree on a price beforehand.