Accessible Travel

Nowhere in Port Louis makes a great effort to accommodate travellers with disabilities, but wheelchair access is common. Both of the top-end hotels have wheelchair access, lifts and a handful of rooms with specially equipped bathrooms; there are always plenty of staff around to help. Note that the two famous stamps at the Blue Penny Museum are on the 1st floor and there's stair access only.

Dangers & Annoyances

Port Louis is not safe at night just about anywhere south of the motorway; most of the streets empty as the workday ends. After dark all travellers should stick to well-lit main streets and avoid the Jardins de la Compagnie, a favoured hang-out for all manner of unsavoury types. If you don't know your exact route, take a taxi. Le Caudan is generally fine as long as there are lots of people around.

By day, Port Louis is a very safe city, but beware of pickpockets anywhere, particularly in the market and around the bus stations.

Emergency & Important Numbers


You'll find ATMs throughout Port Louis, while all the main banks are concentrated around Sir William Newton St. Standard banking hours are 9am to 3.15pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 3.30pm Friday. Some banks are open on Saturday morning, while those at the airport are open whenever flights arrive.

Barclays Bank


Mauritius Commercial Bank

State Bank of Mauritius


Tourist Information

Head to Lonely Planet ( for planning advice, author recommendations, traveller reviews and insider tips.

Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority Distributes maps of Port Louis and Mauritius, and can advise on car hire, excursions and hotels throughout the country.

Travel with Children

None of Port Louis' restaurants or museums make any special efforts to accommodate children (most restaurants will have a high chair or two to hand, but baby-change facilities are almost nonexistent), but most make families feel welcome. The two main attractions that will appeal to kids (around eight years old and up) are the Natural History Museum & Mauritius Institute and the Blue Penny Museum. Otherwise there's a ramshackle playground just west of the Mauritius Postal Museum, and next to it there's a kiosk that sells small versions of the Mauritian national flag.