Port Louis in detail


Port Louis has a great eating scene, in which the ethnic diversity of the city comes up trumps. As the middle classes tend to live outside the city, many places are only open for lunch – head to Le Caudan Waterfront in the evenings and on weekends.

City Centre

The Central Market, Chinatown and the bus stations provide happy hunting grounds for street-side nibbles, but you'll find stalls all over town selling samousas (samosas), gâteaux piments (chilli cakes), farata (roti bread) and dhal puri (lentil pancakes). The general rule is to queue behind the longest line – word travels fast and everyone seems to know who's serving the best grub.

Le Caudan Waterfront

There's a wide variety of restaurants and cafes in Le Caudan complex, from bustling food courts to upscale seaside dining options.

Don't Miss: Foodie Tours

Offering a whole new dimension to Port Louis' culinary scene and very much looking at things from a local perspective, Taste Buddies runs two excellent food-themed tours in the city. One focuses on street food (per person Rs 1800, 2¾ hours) and the other on Chinatown (Rs 3000, 4¼ hours).