Boat trips are the main activity here, usually combined with diving and snorkelling.

Boat Trips

Like Mahébourg to the north, Blue Bay is home to numerous operators offering journeys on glass-bottomed boats and excursions to the nearby islands. Travellers should be careful, however, when choosing a boatswain here – the area has seen an increased number of drug dealers and addicts in recent years and a handful of them have been drawn to tourism. Always seek a recommendation from a local or your hotel before handing over any money. Also, the tides vary greatly in this part of the island; only a knowledgeable tour leader will know the optimal times for going to sea. Recommended operators:


There are several dive sites of note off the southeastern coast of Mauritius. These scuba hot spots – mostly wall dives and drop-offs – have interesting rock formations that plunge to 40m and attract a good number of colourful fish. The most noteworthy sites are Colorado and Roches Zozo.