Top Choice Island in Pointe d'Esny & Blue Bay

Île aux Aigrettes

This popular ecotourism destination is a 26-hectare nature reserve on an island roughly 800m off the coast. It preserves very rare remnants of the coastal forests of Mauritius and provides a sanctuary for a range of…
Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Pointe d'Esny & Blue Bay

Blue Bay Marine Park

In an effort to protect the area's rich underwater forest of rare corals from encroaching development, the government has given Blue Bay 'marine park' status. Besides a mandate barring high-speed watercraft, though,…
Island in Pointe d'Esny & Blue Bay

Île des Deux Cocos

Île des Deux Cocos sits at the edge of the azure lagoon and was once used by flamboyant British governor Sir Hesketh Bell to entertain guests. Today the Lux hotel group has maintained this hospitable tradition by of…