Past & Present

Visitors are often overwhelmed by the sense of devotion that emanates from the incredibly colourful festivals – whether Hindu, Christian, Chinese or Muslim – held throughout the island. Architecture buffs should make a point of visiting the country's historic buildings, especially the colonial plantation houses.

Mind-blowing Beaches

When it comes to beaches, you'll be spoilt for choice. Most resorts and guesthouses have access to perfect white sand and amazing sapphire water. Good news: despite the crowds, it's easy to find your own slice of paradise.

Watersports & Hiking

Mauritius is the place to be if you want to get your feet (and the rest of you) wet. Pretty much everything's on offer here, from kitesurfing and kayaking to windsurfing and excellent snorkelling and diving. Oh, and beachcombing counts, too. Fabulous hiking also.



Village Life


Pristine Underwater World

The lack of resorts and a remarkably well-preserved marine environment make Rodrigues one of the best places to dive in the Indian Ocean. Sharks, giant trevallies and barracudas galore!

Lost in Time

Slip into island time in Port Mathurin, Rodrigues' somniferous capital, and savour the unhurried pace of life. Accessible homestays, small markets, stuck-in-time villages and welcoming smiles – you’ll be hard pressed to find a mellower destination to maroon yourself for a languid holiday.

Coast Walks

The coastline between Graviers and St François in the island’s east is extremely alluring: a string of hard-to-reach inlets and coves lapped by azure water, with the mandatory idyllic beach fringing the shore, and vast expanses of rocks. Who knows, you may find a pirate's hidden booty!