Tourist Information in Mauritius

Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority

The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority is a government-run body essentially responsible for promoting the island and its virtues to foreign markets. MTPA has a constellation of kiosks across the island – although…
Tourist Information in Central Plateau

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

The best source of information on the country's wildlife and wild places is the MWF, founded in 1984 to protect and manage the country's many rare species. The MWF vigorously supports the creation of national parks …
Tourist Information in Mauritius

Association des Hôteliers et Restaurateurs de l'Île Maurice

The recommended AHRIM is an association of high-quality hotels, guest houses and restaurants. It is starting to offer guest house–plus-airfare packages – an attempt to empower tourists to have a local experience whi…
Tourist Information in Port Mathurin

Discovery Rodrigues

Sharing an office and staff with the tourist office, this body oversees visits to Île aux Cocos. Although it organises tours there, it does not organise boat trips over to the island.
Internet in Port Mathurin

Rodrigues Regional Library

Free, slow and password-free wi-fi can be accessed outside the Rodrigues Regional Library – it's a rare commodity on the island.
Telephone in Mauritius

Mauritius Telecom

The state-controlled Mauritius Telecom has a virtual monopoly on landlines, although there's an open market for mobile services.
Tourist Information in Port Louis

Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority

Distributes maps of Port Louis and Mauritius, and can advise on car hire, excursions and hotels throughout the country.
Hospital in Port Louis

Dr Jeetoo Hospital

Provides 24-hour medical and dental treatment and has a 24-hour pharmacy. Staff speak English and French.
Tourist Information in Port Mathurin

Tourist Office

Small but helpful tourist office opposite La Résidence.
Post in Grand Baie

Post Office

Out near the Super U Hypermarket; the last 45 minutes before closing are for stamp sales only.