Flic en Flac in detail


Wealthier vacationers tend to take advantage of their upmarket hotels' half board holiday packages, while budgetarians usually self-cater or go for cheap street fare. Thus there's a noticeable lack of out-of-this-world establishments in central Flic en Flac. That said, there are some fabulous budget restaurants serving authentic local cooking if you know where to look.

Food Trucks

For something a little more earthy, you'll find fast-food trucks parked under the weeping filao trees along the sand at the northern end of the public beach. Vendors serve fruit, chips, drinks, kebabs and all manner of baguettes, all for no more than Rs 60. You can't see Le Morne from this part of the beach, but it's a scenic spot to enjoy a bite nonetheless. Roti Aka Vinoda and Jeanno Burger are the most popular choices among many.