Books in Central Plateau


Moleskine notebooks, Lamy pens, a decent selection of fiction in English and French, and a few books on Mauritius – this Mauritian chain has the best selection on the island.

Antiques in Curepipe

Beauté de Chine

Beauté de Chine, one of the longest-running stores on the island, sells an assortment of old-world relics including copper, jade, silk and antique porcelain.

Arts & Crafts in Curepipe

Voiliers de l'Océan

Travellers looking for model-ship showrooms and workshops should stop by Voiliers de l'Océan. Roughly 200 models are produced per month.

Mall in Curepipe

Galerie des Îles

Galerie des Îles has a generous selection of local designs and artisans across more than a dozen shops.

Mall in Central Plateau

Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius

Close to Moka and right by the M1 motorway between the airport and Port Louis, the Bagatelle Mall has international brand names, a good food court and plenty of parking. Unless you're in need of retail therapy –...

Mall in Central Plateau

Floréal Square

Floréal, a posh suburb northwest of Curepipe, has become synomymous with high-quality knitwear produced by the Floreal Knitwear company. Fill your suitcase with clothes here.