Shopping in Mauritius, Réunion & Seychelles

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Port Louis


    The model-ship manufacturer Voiliers de l'Océan has an outlet just outside the Craft Market with dozens of model ships, large and small, on display and for sale.

  • Shopping in Mahé

    Michael Adams' Studio

    Visit the studio of Michael Adams MBE, where silkscreen prints burst with the vivid life of the forests. They are irresistible and highly collectable, so bring plenty of rupees if you're thinking of buying. Even if you don't ring ahead and you're driving by, stop in – it could be open, though don't count on it.

  • Shopping in Praslin


    Perhaps the best boutique on Praslin, Kreolor, at the entrance to Vallée de Mai, sells artfully designed wooden crafts (many in the shape of the coco de mer), jewellery, essential oils and other tasteful souvenirs.

  • Shopping in Mahé

    Lazare Gallery

    This eclectic place is part antique showroom, part museum, and it's worth picking through the treasure on offer – once when we visited it included local driftwood, a framed photo of a youthful Duke of Edinburgh and all manner of local bric-a-brac. It's just south of the Anse Soleil turn-off, or immediately north of the petrol station.

  • Shopping in Victoria

    Seychelles Island Foundation

    If you want to buy a coco fesse (the fruit of the coco de mer palm), head to the Seychelles Island Foundation, which has some stock and will issue you the required export permit. Be prepared to fork out about €200. Its work centres on habitat restoration on the Aldabra Atoll, as well as managing Vallée de Mai on Praslin.

  • Shopping in Mahé

    Tom Bowers

    This British-born artist creates some truly amazing bronze sculptures and his works, such as the Liberty Monument in Victoria, are increasingly being commissioned for public places. If you haven't called ahead, turn up at the gate and ring the bell to see if the artist is in residence.

  • Shopping in Mahé

    Domaine de Val des Prés

    The Domaine de Val des Prés at Anse aux Pins consists of a cluster of craft shops grouped around a 19th-century plantation house with a few bits of memorabilia. The rather motley assortment of crafts on offer includes model boats, pottery, paintings, clothing and products fashioned from the hugely versatile coconut tree.

  • Shopping in Port Louis

    Craft Market

    The Craft Market is less fun but also less hassle than the Central Market. You'll find better-quality souvenirs, such as Mauritius glass, artworks and essential oils from the stalls arrayed over two floors inside the shopping mall.

  • Shopping in Rodrigues

    Miel Victoria

    Rodrigues honey is renowned throughout the Indian Ocean and is often used by Mauritius' finest chefs. It also makes a fabulous souvenir of a visit to the island and this is the easiest place to buy it. If you ask, they'll show you around the hives out the back.

  • Shopping in The East

    Domaine d'Aldachris

    Just north of Piton Ste-Rose is this family-run operation where you can buy various tropical fruit products, including delicious jam, to-die-for cakes and different varieties of exceptionally sweet bananas. Everything is homemade and organic.

  • Shopping in Grand Baie

    Sunset Boulevard

    Sunset Boulevard, which sits either side of Royal Rd in the heart of town, is home to chic boutiques, including knitwear specialists Floreal, Maille St and Shibani; Harris Wilson for menswear; and Hémisphère Sud for fabulous leather goods.

  • Shopping in Grand Baie

    Françoise Vrot

    To purchase some original art, visit the studio of Françoise Vrot to see her expressive portraits of women fieldworkers. Opening hours vary, so you may need to call to get someone to come and open up if ringing the bell doesn't work.

  • Shopping in Mauritius

    Tutti Frutti

    Designer homewares and furnishings that capture the refinement of island chic and Mauritian coastal living are arrayed around a number of showrooms next to the lovely Hidden Garden tapas bar.

  • Shopping in The North

    Le Village Boutik

    Right next to the sugar museum, this impressive shop has sugar in all manner of gift packs, as well as rum made from local sugar cane, a few books and other knick-knacks. Staff members encourage you to try before you buy.

  • Shopping in Grand Baie

    Grand Baie Bazaar

    Hidden down an inland street away from Royal Rd, this market has a broad range of touristy Mauritian and Malagasy crafts. Prices aren't fixed, but wares aren't expensive and there's minimal hassling from vendors.

  • Shopping in Mahé

    Eden Art Gallery

    This large showroom sells local artworks and photography, framed and unframed, with mostly prints and the occasional original work. It's sometimes given over to temporary exhibitions.

  • Shopping in Mahé

    Sculptor Studio Antonio

    Antonio Filippin's somewhat risqué woodcarvings and quirky studio, Art Arc, are perched on a hill between Anse Gouvernement and Anse Soleil.

  • Shopping in Réunion


    Isabelle Biton specialises in porcelain painting. She paints Réunion-inspired designs (Creole cases, people, fruits, flowers and chameleons) on plates, cups and bowls.

  • Shopping in Réunion

    Grand Marché

    This market has a mishmash of items for sale, including Malagasy wooden handicrafts, fragrant spices, woven baskets, embroidery, T-shirts, furniture and a jumble of knick-knacks.

  • Shopping in Mauritius


    Moleskine notebooks, Lamy pens, a decent selection of fiction in English and French, and a few books on Mauritius – this Mauritian chain has the best selection on the island.