Top things to do in The Adrar

Historic Site in Ouadâne

Le Ksar al Kiali

As you arrive across the sands or plateau from Atâr or Chinguetti, the stone houses of Le Ksar al Kiali seem to tumble down the cliff. The top of the hill is dominated by the minaret of the new mosque, which is a me…
African in Atâr

Restaurant du Coin

This place is as down-at-heel as it gets, serving up great quantities of rice, fish and Senegalese mafé. It's always busy, and the food piping hot and delicious. From the rond-point head down the Chinguetti road for…
African in Atâr

Restaurant Agadir

Near the rond-point, this cheap and cheerful eatery rustles up some good couscous and tajines as well as sandwiches and lighter bites.