Nouakchott in detail


With only a few spots to hit, you can be efficient shopping in the city. There's a sophisticated gallery-cum-boutique for high end art objects and furnishings; a small cluster of street side shops selling traditional silver products and a sprawling market stocked with everyday household items.

Desert Attire and Equipment

If spending any time out of the city, that is anywhere outside of Nouakchott and Nouâdhibou, it might make sense to adopt the traditional Berber dress code. You can find a boubou (alternatively known as a drâa) or mulafa (for women) – loose, flowing embroidered robes – at one of the shops lining Ave du Général de Gaulle north of Rue Abdallaye. Top things off with a houli (turban).

Once you're dressed for the desert, you might want to pick up a haima (Moorish tent) so that you can be independent and portable. These are sold on the street (around UM25,000) almost directly across from the Mosquée Marocaine.