Museum in Nouakchott

Musée National

Moderately worthwhile for anyone with an interest in Moorish culture. On the 1st level is a prehistoric gallery with archaeological exhibits while the 2nd level is taken up with more recent ethnographic displays fro…
Mosque in Nouakchott

Friday Mosque

The Friday Mosque is notable for its blindingly white façade. Visitors aren't allowed inside during prayer times. Located on the road to the airport.
Mosque in Nouakchott

Grande Mosquée

Dominating the city's skyline, the Grande Mosquée, better known as the Mosquée Saudique, is right in the centre. It's not exactly a model of architectural magnificence but it's worth a couple of pictures for its sle…
Mosque in Nouakchott

Mosquée Marocaine

The large Mosquée Marocaine is a precious landmark in this bustling area. Located south of Ave Abdel Nasser, towards the Cinquième Quartier.
Market in Nouakchott

Port de Pêche

The Port de Pêche is Nouakchott's star attraction. Both lively and colourful, you'll see hundreds of teams of mostly Wolof and Fula men dragging in heavy fishing nets. Small boys hurry back and forth with trays of f…