Ouguiya (UM)

Hassaniya (Arabic), French, Fula, Soninké, Wolof

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against all travel to much of Mauritania, and against all but essential travel to the remainder of the country. Click here for more information.


Travel Agency in Mauritania

Sidi Tours

Highly regarded English-speaking tour guide who can organise and lead tours throughout the country. Prices vary depending on the number of people and length of trip.

Travel Agency in Mauritania

Le Phare du Désert

This Mauritanian-based company, primarily French-speaking, also runs tours in Senegal, Morocco and Mali. A six day trip that includes Parc National Banc d'Arguin and Parc National Diawling runs around €800.

Travel Agency in Mauritania

Chinguitty Voyages

Runs a variety of regional tours in Mauritania, with a focus on 4WD trips in the desert. Price includes vehicle and guide, but not petrol.

Travel Agency in Mauritania

Native Eye Travel

A reputable high-end agency running small group tours in Mauritania, including multi-country overland trips.

Travel Agency in Nouakchott


Some English is spoken at this friendly travel agency; can book international flights, as well as for Mauritanian Airlines.

Tourist Information in Nouâdhibou

Park Office

The office for Parc National Banc d'Arguin. Whether it's open and functioning is an open question.

Travel Agency in Nouakchott

Le Phare du Désert

Reliable tour operator around Mauritania by 4WD and camel, including the Adrar and Banc d'Arguin.

Travel Agency in Nouakchott

PSV Voyages

Books international flights, as well as with Mauritania Airlines. Does charge a commission.

Embassy in Nouakchott

US Embassy

A massive new embassy was being built during our visit and scheduled to open in 2017.

Immigration in Nouakchott


Visa extensions (UM46,000) can be obtained at the Sûreté.