Mauritania in detail


The desert cuisine of the Moors is rather unmemorable and lacks variety. Dishes are generally bland and limited to rice, mutton, goat, camel or dried fish. With negligible agriculture, fruit and vegetables are imported, and hard to find outside Nouakchott. Mauritanian couscous, similar to the Moroccan variety, is delicious. The cuisine of southern Mauritania, essentially Senegalese, has more variety, spices and even a few vegetables.


thieboudiene (cheb-u-jin) – fish and-rice dish served in white and red (with tomato sauce) versions.

méchoui – traditional nomads' feast, where an entire lamb is roasted over a fire and stuffed with cooked rice.

mafé – a groundnut-based stew.

yassa poulet – traditionally Senegalese dish, basically rotisserie chicken with vegetables on fries or rice.

zrig – unsweetened curdled goat or camel milk, often accompanies meals served in private homes.