Atâr in detail

Flights & getting there

The main gare routière, in the heart of town, is where you can get vehicles for Nouakchott (UM3500, six hours) and Choûm (UM1500, three hours). Choûm transport is timed to meet the train heading to/from Nouâdhibou.

Vehicles for Chinguetti (car/4WD UM1500/2500, about two hours) leave once a day from near a shop a block north of Hotel Monod. Most days there is also transport to Ouadâne (bush taxi/4WD UM3000/4000, about four hours), leaving from a street north of the rond-point (ask for 'gare de Ouadâne'). For Azougui (UM500, 20 minutes) and Terjît (UM1200, one hour), infrequent 4WDs leave from near the rond-point.