Mauritania in detail

Money and Costs


Ouguiya (UM)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than UM7000

  • Hotel room: UM5000
  • Street food: UM500
  • Tea in nomad's tent: Free
  • Nouakchott taxi ride: UM200

Midrange: UM7000–45,000

  • Hotel room: UM15000
  • Pizza: UM1500
  • Coffee: UM600

Top end: More than UM45,000

  • Hotel room: UM35,000
  • Two-course meal: UM4000
  • 4WD with driver, per day: UM30,000


Haggling is expected in markets, crafts shops and when buying from street vendors. It's done good naturedly and not aggressively. You can also bargain for accommodation rates on longer term stays and prices quoted to you by guides and drivers. However, for the latter, petrol costs are usually a fixed price.


The unit of currency is the ouguiya (UM). There are plenty of ATMs in Nouakchott and a handful in Nouâdhibou. It's best to take euros or US dollars as back-up.

Credit Cards

Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard, not Amex) are accepted at top-end hotels and larger businesses.

Changing Money

Only crisp recently issued bills are accepted at bureax de change. Exchange rates at the Nouakchott airport aren't much different than those offered in town. Either way, it's quick and hassle free with no commissions. Rates at top-end hotels are generally worse.

Exchange Rates

Euro zone€1UM392
MoroccoMAD 1UM36
New ZealandNZ$1UM285

For current exchange rates, see


  • Hotels Leave a gratuity for cleaning staff at your discretion.
  • Restaurants No tip expected at basic places; leave between 10-15% in more upscale places.
  • Taxis Loose change is appreciated on short trips.
  • Guide & Driver Tips are always expected; begin around 10%, more for multiday trips or if service has been particularly good.