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Top Choice Beach in Ste-Anne

Grande Anse des Salines

Immense, crystalline and glossy, Grande Anse des Salines doesn't disappoint the bevy of swimmers who dabble in its gorgeous depths or the sun worshippers who lie out on the ribbon of golden sand. Les Salines gets it…
Beach in Ste-Anne

Pointe Marin

Ste-Anne's most popular swimming beach is the long, lovely strand that stretches along the peninsula 800m north of the town center. It's backed by restaurants and bars, and though it can be quite crowded, the beach …
Beach in Ste-Anne

Anse Michel

The steady winds that buff this part of the coast, mixed with the reef-sheltered lagoon, are the perfect combination for kitesurfing and windsurfing. This anse also offers excellent sunbathing and swimming opportuni…