Top Choice Archaeological Site in Xagħra

Ġgantija Temples

Perched on the crest of the hill to the south of Xagħra, the awe-inspiring megalithic Ġgantija Temples command soaring views over most of southern Gozo. As the name implies (ġgantija – dje-gant-ee-ya – means 'giante…
Top Choice Winery in Xagħra

Ta' Mena

This winery near Xagħra en route from Victoria to Marsalforn sells good wine under the Marsamena and Ancient Gods labels, and has a well-stocked farm shop with its own Gozo sea salt, honey, olive oil, chutneys, cape…
Beach in Xagħra

Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay is one of the prettiest sandy beaches on Gozo, with red-gold sand. The minimal remains of a Roman villa are hidden amid the bamboo behind the beach, and Calypso's Cave looks down from the hilltop to the we…
Cave in Xagħra

Calypso's Cave

Calypso's Cave overlooks the sandy beach of Ramla Bay – it's a 30-minute walk from Xagħra's village square. The cave itself is hardly worth the hike – it's just a hollow under an overhang at the top of the cliff – b…
Historic Building in Xagħra

Ta'Kola Windmill

Built in 1725 at the instigation of the Knights, who built many such windmills to encourage the production of flour (this is one of the few left standing), Ta'Kola now houses a cute museum of country life, with disp…
Cave in Xagħra

Xerri's Grotto

In the back streets to the north of the village square lies Xerri’s Grotto. This underground cavern, complete with stalactites and stalagmites, is unusual in that it is entered through a private house. Having discov…
Museum in Xagħra

Pomskizillious Museum of Toys

This small labour of love has an impressive array of 19th-century and 1930s doll houses, toy soldiers, and spooky china dolls, mostly in glass cases. There's a display case devoted to nonsense poet Edward Lear, who …
Cave in Xagħra

Ninu's Cave

In the back streets to the north of the village square lies Ninu’s Cave, beneath an unassuming-looking house. This underground cavern, discovered by the current owner's grandfather in 1888, is complete with stalacti…
Church in Xagħra

Church of Our Lady of Victory

This church dates from the 17th century. It contains a beautiful marble statue of the Virgin Mary, called locally ‘Il-Bambina’, brought here from Marseilles in 1878.
Gate in Xagħra

Ġgantija Temples Entrance

Entrance to the Ġgantija Temples.