Victoria (Rabat) attractions

Top Choice Fortress in Victoria (Rabat)


While the walls surrounding Il-Kastell date from the 15th century, there have been fortifications atop this flat-topped hill since the Bronze Age: it developed under the Phoenicians and later became a Roman town. Af…
Church in Victoria (Rabat)

Cathedral of the Assumption

Built between 1697 and 1711 to replace a church destroyed by a 1693 earthquake (which was in southern Italy but caused damage as far Gozo), the cathedral was designed by Lorenzo Gafa, also responsible for St Paul's …
Museum in Victoria (Rabat)

Heart of Gozo

This innovative small museum was founded by the Fondazzjoni Belt Victoria to exhibit treasures belonging to the Basilica of St George as well as other artefacts, including coins and lamps from the Herod era in Israe…
Museum in Victoria (Rabat)

Archaeology Museum

Victoria's Archaeology Museum houses some incredible finds. There are some 'fat lady' carvings from Ġgantija Temples and Xagħra, around 3000 to 4000 years old. There are also Roman anchors, a 3rd-to-5th-century skel…
Visitor Centre in Victoria (Rabat)

Ċittadella Visitors' Centre

Inaugurated in mid-2016 as part of the excellent restoration of Victoria's Il-Kastell, this award-winning visitors' centre includes a poignant and informative audiovisual presentation of the history of the site, and…
Piazza in Victoria (Rabat)

Pjazza Indipendenza

Victoria's main square hosts a daily market (6.30am to 2pm) and is known throughout the island as It-Tokk (the meeting place). The semicircular baroque building at the western end of the square is the Banca Giuratal…
Museum in Victoria (Rabat)

Cathedral Museum

This jumble of objects within the Cathedral Museum includes a zucchetto (skull cap) worn by Pope Francis, church gold and silver, some religious art (including a disturbing 19th-century painting depicting the martyr…
Museum in Victoria (Rabat)

Gozo Nature Museum

This gracious old building houses a series of low-key exhibits explaining the geology of the island and its water supply. There are some interesting fossils downstairs, including huge megalodon shark teeth. Parts of…
Church in Victoria (Rabat)

Basilica of St George

The well-attended original parish church of Rabat dates from 1678, and the lavish interior contains a fine altarpiece of St George and the Dragon by Mattia Preti. Note that wearing shorts inside the church is not al…
Area in Victoria (Rabat)


The old town, known as Il-Borgo, is a maze of narrow, meandering alleys around Pjazza San Ġorġ. It's a beguiling place to wander.