Senglea attractions

Landmark in Senglea

Vedette (Watchtower)

The vedette is decorated with carvings of eyes and ears, symbolising watchfulness, and commands a view to the west over the length of the Grand Harbour and southern flanks of Valletta. At noon and 4pm, the surroundi…
Historic Building in Senglea

Gantry House

The galleys of the Knights of St John were moored here while their masts were removed, using machinery mounted on the wall above the walkway. In early 2018, the site reopened as a luxury hotel. Also known as the She…
Church in Senglea

Church of Our Lady of Victory

This was completely rebuilt after the previous church was destroyed in WWII. The original church was built in 1580 as a monument to the Knights' victory in the Great Siege of 1565.
Church in Senglea

Church of St Philip

First built in the 15th century, but rebuilt in 1561, this church was damaged in WWII. It has subsequently been repaired and is a popular venue for weddings.