Amusement Park in Mellieħa

Popeye Village

Steep-sided, pretty little Anchor Bay was named after the many Roman anchors that were found on the seabed by divers, some of which can be seen in the Maritime Museum at Vittoriosa. In 1979 Anchor Bay was transforme…
Beach in Mellieħa

Mellieħa Bay

The warm, shallow waters and soft white sand of Mellieħa Bay are easily accessible (via bus or you can park on the road that backs the beach), safe for kids and great for swimming. Add the waterskiers, rental canoes…
Nature Reserve in Mellieħa

Għadira Nature Reserve

Close to Mellieħa Bay is the Għadira Nature Reserve, managed by BirdLife Malta volunteers. This area of shallow, reedy ponds surrounded by scrub is an important resting area for migrating birds (over 200 species hav…
Beach in Mellieħa

Selmun (Imgiebah) Bay

Secluded Selmun Bay is an adventure to find, and a great place to escape the crowds; bring refreshments and sunshades. Take the road to Selmun Palace from Mellieħa, but turn left at Selmun chapel, before the palace.…
Church in Mellieħa

Church of Our Lady of Victory

The Church of Our Lady of Victory sits prominently on a rocky spur overlooking Mellieħa Bay. It's attached to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mellieħa, which has been a place of pilgrimage since medieval times – it is …
Historic Site in Mellieħa

Mellieħa Air-Raid Shelters

The Mellieħa air-raid shelters were dug by hand to shelter the town's population from WWII bombs. It's one of the largest underground shelters in Malta, with a depth of 12m and a length of around 500m, and gives a h…
Fort in Mellieħa

Fort Campbell

The derelict Fort Campbell is an abandoned coastal defence built by the British between WWI and WWII. To reach the fort, turn right just before you reach Selmun Palace and continue for around 1km. The headland comma…
Palace in Mellieħa

Selmun Palace

To the east of Mellieħa Ridge, the ornate fortress-like Selmun Palace – formerly a hotel and restaurant – dominates the skyline above St Paul's Bay. It was built in the 18th century for a charitable order called the…
Church in Mellieħa

Grotto of the Madonna

Across the main street from the Church of Our Lady of Victory, a gate in the wall and a flight of steps lead down to the Grotto of the Madonna, a shrine dedicated to the Virgin. It is set deep in a cave lit by flick…
Area in Mellieħa

Ras il-Qammieħ

The western headland, 129m at its highest point, commands fantastic views and feels like the end of the world. It's home to an old radar station.